Gurtaj Kang

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LOCATION: Panorama Clinic, Surrey

AVAILABILITY: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Gurtaj Kang completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation as well as a Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies from Simon Fraser University. During his time at SFU, Gurtaj also worked in a community outreach program aimed to improve health outcomes in sedentary youth. He is also trained in Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE).

Gurtaj grew up as a high-level soccer player in Langley which came with many associated injuries and personal rehabilitation. Going through his own recovery opened his eyes to the rehab field and sparked a fire to pursue an education in Kinesiology in order to help others. Gurtaj strives to provide individualized programs using creative exercises to best simulate tasks and demands of both the home and work environments in order to return patients to their pre-injury functional capacities.

His love of sports has resulted in him not only playing soccer competitively, but also being involved as a coach and a team trainer over the years. Gurtaj hopes to return to coaching youth soccer in the coming years as his newborn daughter comes of playing age. These days, you can find him playing recreational sports, spending time in the gym, cheering for the Detroit Red Wings, or traveling the world.

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