Sebastian Akl

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LOCATION: Panorama Clinic, Surrey

AVAILABILITY: Monday to Friday and some Saturdays

M.P.T. (Master of Physical Therapy), B. Sc. (Kinesiology)
Sebastian Akl completed his Masters of Physical Therapy and Bachelors of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. His passion for healthy living and exercise are what motivated him to pursue this field. During his time at UBC, Sebastian gained invaluable experience with many local organizations – UBC Recreation, Special Olympics BC, & ICORD’s PARC Program which researches the impacts of exercise in the spinal cord injury population. These experiences further shaped his perspectives regarding the importance of wellness, physical activity, and the impact that a healthy lifestyle can have on the lives of individuals.

Sebastian incorporates an active therapeutic approach for patients through hands-on manual therapy, rehabilitative exercise, soft tissue techniques, and education. He gets no greater satisfaction than helping others achieve their lifelong health goals – be it chasing down a bus or finishing a marathon.

Sebastian grew up in White Rock, BC, where he developed his love for sports and the outdoors. He loves playing hockey, swimming, hiking, and training for upcoming triathlons. His friends have also recently introduced him to skiing and he has loved the challenge!

A recent unsolicited testimonial came in about Sebastian's approach: "... I was so impressed with the time and care Sebastian took during my first physio session. He knew exactly what to do that it significantly helped relieve some pain. Sebastian has been proactive with having come up with exercises and stretches that best help with what I need before each session. I am so pleased with where I am in my recovery due to his help."

Sebastian is available Monday to Friday and some Saturdays at the Panorama location.

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