Micah Bernal

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LOCATION: Panorama Clinic, Surrey

Micah Bernal completed her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with an Exercise Science concentration at The University of the Fraser Valley. Micah volunteered at Kids Physio Group where she shadowed Physiotherapists in learning how to assist children with various movement patterns and gait.  She has worked in reception at Physiomoves, and we are thrilled to have her join the team as a Kinesiologist.

Micah works as a professional training coach in South Surrey where she helps clients with weight loss, general health and fitness goals. In high school, Micah fell in love with weightlifting, and she encourages her clients to participate in resistance training because of its many benefits. Micah’s primary goal as a trainer is to ensure each program is tailored specifically to the individual. Micah provides exercises her clients can take home with them. 

On the weekends Micah likes to play volleyball with her friends, play tennis with her dad, and has recently picked up pickleball. 

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