Mechanical traction (decompression therapy)

Physiomoves has a state-of-the-art Mechanical Traction table and system. Mechanical traction (also known as "decompression therapy") involves a sustained or intermittent distracting force to the patient's neck or lower back. This treatment is used to: 1) relieve neurological symptoms (e.g. pain, pins & needles) radiating to the arm or leg. 2) to relieve muscular pain in the neck or low back, 3) to help mobilize stiff joints in the neck or low back, and 4) to help relieve symptoms due to disc herniations.

Electrotherapy: Laser, Ultrasound, HVPS (high voltage pulse stimulation), TENS (trans-cutaneous nerve stimulation, IFC (interferential current), neuromuscular electrical stimulation

These modalities may be used as part of your treatment to help stimulate tissue healing, reduce pain, reduce swelling, and restore normal muscle function.  Your Physiotherapist is skilled in the use of each of these modalities and will determine if/which modalities will best for your specific needs in addition to manual and exercise therapy.  If you have any questions about the electrotherapy modalities we offer at Physiomoves, please do not hesitate to ask your Therapist.

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