decompressiontherapy.jpgEach Physiomoves location has a state-of-the-art Mechanical Traction table and system. Mechanical traction (also known as "decompression therapy") involves a sustained or intermittent distracting force to the patient's neck or lower back.

Decompression Therapy Treatment Is Used To:

  • Relieve neurological symptoms (e.g. pain, pins & needles) radiating to the arm or leg.
  • To relieve muscular pain in the neck or low back
  • To help mobilize stiff joints in the neck or low back and
  • To help relieve symptoms due to disc herniations.

Kenny, thank you so much for my recent treatment. Having never experienced myofascial release massage therapy I was unsure at first but as the treatment went on I started to feel a deep release in my muscles and joints.

Jenn Foster


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