Bike Fitting

Who can benefit from a bike fit?

  • bikefitting.jpgAnyone who has discomfort related to cycling (e.g. low back pain, knee pain, saddle or hand numbness during or after cycling, etc.).
  • Recreational and competitive cyclists that want to maximize their efficiency and comfort on the bike and to reduce the risk of developing overuse injuries.
  • We are currently offering bike fits from our highly trained professional bike fitter, Rob Wright.
  • Refer to Rob Wright’s website for more information about his bike fitting services: Bike Fit Solutions

What does the bike fit include?

  • A thorough history of current injuries, past injuries, training volume, and racing goals.
  • A physical examination of leg length, limb alignment, overall mobility and flexibility, posture and any other biomechanical issues that are relevant to the bike fit.
  • Observation and documentation of current riding position.
  • Adjustments to the bike and cleats are made to optimize the fit (note: in some cases you will be advised to get different parts for the bike). Final bike position measurements are documented.
  • Instruction is given on proper riding posture and technique.
  • Specific therapeutic exercises are prescribed as needed. This assessment is useful for any athlete (competitive or recreational) that is interested in injury prevention and optimal movement efficiency.

bikefitting1.jpgDo I need a doctor’s referral to get a bike fit?

If you request a bike fit from Rob Wright, our professional bike fitter, you do not require a doctor’s referral. This will be covered by private payment only.

How long will the bike fit session take to complete?

  • Approximately 90 minutes to set up a single bike and a pair of cycling shoes with cleats.
  • Approximately 45 minute to set up a pair of cycling shoes with cleats.

What do I need to bring to my bike fit session?

  • Your bike in clean, good working order (ensure none of the following parts are seized: seatpost, saddle, stem, and pedals).
  • Your cycling footwear (ensure cleat screws are clean and not seized)
  • Cycling shorts and jersey (or tight T-shirt).
  • Cycling gloves (if used).
  • Helmet (if having neck or upper back discomfort)


  • Complete bike set-up (bike and cleats)
  • Cleat set-up only
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